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  • Running a LLaMa Model Locally

    Running a LLaMa Model Locally

    Something special about running an open source LLM model locally. Few years ago, one would be too excited for merely calling GPT’s API using free credits after months of being on a waiting list just to get access. Now, I get to run such models locally as shown below, with no subsciption and with no…

  • Offline AI Image Search

    Offline AI Image Search

    So using one of Hugging Face AI models, I mentioned before, I wrote a simple Python script to iterate images in a folder, caption the images then update their metadata with said captions, making it possible to search my Syncthing local storage with content description of images as shown in the screen capture. I left…

  • Offline AI Image Captioning

    Offline AI Image Captioning

    Have been recently exploring Hugging Face AI models as a viable option to provide offline AI image captioning to my new hybrid cloud storage, based on Syncthing, I mentioned before. I’ve found its performance pretty awesome considering that it’s running on a local Raspberry Pi environment using a tiny ARM microprocessor. See below image to…

  • A Sustainable Smart Watch

    A Sustainable Smart Watch

    This beauty just arrived recently, another poduct of Pine64, a smart watch which is fully open source, that I do love about it since it means it won’t at any point of time just turn into an expensive piece of plastic, since I can always flash it with any firmware I like from a plethora…

  • A modern age Tulip bubble

    A modern age Tulip bubble

    NVIDIA stocks price is going through the roof due the fact that the market by now do realize that it doesn’t matter which model is being used since all of them are open sourced and the technology can be copied, and the main differentiation point boils down to who have the most GPUs to train…

  • My Own Hybrid Cloud Storage Solution

    My Own Hybrid Cloud Storage Solution

    Just used SyncThing to basically build a hybrid cloud storage solution. Deployed a node on an Azure VM and using the App synced a couple of mobile devices to it, and deployed another node on a Raspberry Pi attached to an external HDD that is shared via a samba server, then synced back the files…

  • Why Do I love Open Hardware?

    Why Do I love Open Hardware?

    I’m sure most of you went through many laptops as your workload requirements overwhelm them one by one, and like myself, creating in the process a long trail of e-waste. Even when switching to Linux to give those laptops some extra years, somehow they just fail due to simple mechanical issues such as a worn…

  • You’re Welcome

    You’re Welcome

    When I save a junior dev from a meaningless task

  • Against Clean Code

    Against Clean Code

  • Extending PowerFx to Physical World

    Extending PowerFx to Physical World

    In my previous two articles I had shown how to run PowerFx on Raspberry Pi and even how to shell script it on Linux. But till then it was quite still limited to its existing functions that came with it, which although great, doesn’t do much when it comes to actually use Raspberry Pi and…