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  • Extending PowerFx to Physical World

    Extending PowerFx to Physical World

    In my previous two articles I had shown how to run PowerFx on Raspberry Pi and even how to shell script it on Linux. But till then it was quite still limited to its existing functions that came with it, which although great, doesn’t do much when it comes to actually use Raspberry Pi and…

  • PowerFx Linux Shell Scripting

    PowerFx Linux Shell Scripting

    Having recently been able to run PowerFx on Linux and eventually on Raspberry Pi made me curious (and a bit greedy?) about how far can I stretch the PowerFx capabilities. You see, PowerFx have been so far so isolated and contained within the realm of Microsoft Power Platform and even by having my hands on…

  • Trying out PowerFx on Raspberry Pi

    Trying out PowerFx on Raspberry Pi

    So it’s the weekend and I’m setting idly sipping my morning coffee thinking of what to do today when my eyes spotted my Raspberry Pi’s collecting dust being shelved as I’ve been quite busy lately for the past 6 months with the arrival of my baby daughter (Luna) to this world, who by the way…